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Sejak semalam Flash CS6 saya mengalami masalah yang saya tidak tahu mengapa. Saya secara cerdiknya membuang perisian tersebut, memulakan semula komputer dan memasang semula perisian tersebut, ia nyata berhasil hingga pagi ini ia kembali tidak mahu terpasang seperti biasa. Saya membuat kaedah yang sama dengan membuang dan memasang semula, nyata ia tidak berjaya kali ini. Kemudian saya mencari penyelesaian dilaman sesawang dan hasilnya berkesan, saya kini mampu membuka semula Flash CS6 saya tanpa sebarang masalah.
My Flash CS6 became a pain in the ass since yesterday and i don’t know why. With a lot of genius thought, i decided to uninstall the software, restart my pc, and install it again, and it worked, until this morning it happened again, it just won’t start like normally it does. I did the same method as yesterday, and it didn’t work. Then i search over the internet and i got the solution, i now can open my Flash CS6 without a problem.

Saya dengan berbesar hati, membuat langkah-langkah memulihkan Flash CS6 anda yang sakit itu:
I now proudly present, a step-by-step on how to fix your sick Flash CS6:

Langkah 1
Step 1

Buka My Computer dan pilih pemandu C
Open My Computer and choose drive C

Langkah 2
Step 2

Klik pada folder Users (atau nama pengguna komputer jika anda menggunakan nama lain)
Click on Users folder (or any other given name if you use different name)

Langkah 3
Step 3

Klik pada folder Users (atau nama pengguna komputer jika anda menggunakan nama lain)
Click on Users folder (or any other given name if you use different name)

Langkah 4
Step 4

Klik pada folder AppData (folder ini biasa diletakkan dalam keadaan tersembunyi, carilah cara untuk menemukannya)
Click on the AppData folder (this folder usually was set to hidden, find a way to see it)

Langkah 5
Step 5

Klik pada folder Local
Click on the Local folder

Langkah 6
Step 6

Klik pada folder Adobe
Click on the Adobe folder

Langkah 7
Step 7

Klik pada folder Flash CS6
Click on the Flash CS6 folder

Langkah 8
Step 8

Klik pada folderen_US
Click on the en_US folder

Langkah 9
Step 9

Klik pada folder Configuration
Click on the Configuration folder

Langkah 10
Step 10

Terdapat fail bernama fontinfo. Bukakannya
There’s a file named foninfo. Open it

Langkah 11
Step 11

Didalamnya tersenarai maklumat tentang rupataip dari komputer anda, pilih semua dan buangkan (anda boleh membuat sandaran sebelum memulakan langkah ini, terserah, anda sudah besar panjang). Simpan fail tersebut dan tutup
Inside, there’s an info of your font types from your very computer, select all and delete (you can make a backup before you did this step, it’s up to you, you’ve grown now). Save the file and close

Langkah 12
Step 12

Kemudian klik kanan pada fail tersebut. Anda perlu klik pada pilihan Read-only, ini penting agar Flash tidak akan lagi menulis apa-apa pada fail tersebut. Klik OK dan tutup
Then right click on that file. You need to click on the Read-only option, this is necessary so that Flash won’t write anything into that file again. Click OK and close


Sekarang anda boleh kembali menggunakan Flash CS6 anda tanpa rasa bersalah!
Now you can use your Flash CS6 without any of a guilt!

Ringkasan langkah
Steps Summary
C:\Users\User\AppData\Local\Adobe\Flash CS6\en_US\Configuration

After several discussion forums and bunch of tries, it just won’t work!! I almost gave up.
The solution came to sense a half an hour after by USING DIFFERENT COMPUTER

The virus/malware infected my laptop, and thank you ALLAH I have 2 computers standby in the next room and in the living room. I did test on both, they worked fine and I wish they won’t get infection as well, knowing that I don’t have antivirus/ antimalware in my new pc, and NOD32 v4 in my older pc (but it didn’t do much, don’t bother click on it)

And yes, of all solutions spread in web, whatever you think it is, IT REALLY IS

First method:
1. Open CMD from start menu
2. enter a command; attrib -h -r -s /s /d h:\*.* (assuming your flash drive is on H:)
3. and hit Enter
4. wait until another line appear (below the one that u just typed in), then the work is done
5. go back to your USB/ Flash Drive delete all the shortcuts and anything unusual to your eyes
6. now you’re clean~

Second method:
I won’t recommend this method, it won’t harm your machine nor system, but it just hard on the ball to go through every file in your USB/ Flash Drive, this method use, however, ONLY TO OPEN YOUR FILE (in case it won’t open directly and you’re panicking without a reason)

1. right click on infected/ shortcut file and click properties
2. in the target bar, remove the address, put the original address (if only you remember) WITH the file extension
example: H:\document.docx or H:\document.lnk
3. hit Apply and OK

this however enable you to open the file, you can even save it to another folder somewhere else, this happen because the original file is still there, that evil thing just hide them from your beautiful eyes, but of course its a hard work
KEEP IN MIND — this only work on file that can be accessed and saved, you can’t expect to save a video right??

Third method:
1. open cmd
2. open the USB/ Flash Drive
example: type H: (if your USB/ Flash Drive is in H:)
3. type dir (this will list all files in the directory)
4. if you can’t change the attribution (from the first method), maybe you can move those files to another location from here
5. to that, you have to find it how, yourself

I’m sorry i couldn’t help much further, my kids crying, i have to go feed them, if i have a free time, I’ll update as quick as brown fox — Next time, I’ll try to screenshot them bastards!! ruined my day