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My computer got an idea to screw me over tonight. While working a base color on a very urgent work, it stopped and restarted itself. As you may guess, my hard work just seems worthless. The file corrupted with this warning.


So I started to find a solution. Downloading crappy software and all…wasting my time (even now I’m wasting my time writing a blog that no one would read anyway). Until I saw a comment somewhere to open the corrupted PSD in Fireworks and save it again as PSD. Well, I don’t have Fireworks, so here’s what I did.


Backup the original (corrupted sucker!!) file. You know, just in case. Open Illustrator while you at it.


It will give you this option. Just click OK, just agree with it, especially in this time of sorrow.


You see, AI won’t mind open it. But Photoshop has it’s own ego, like shit.
So the next step is


Click on File tab above, select Export… option there


Just rename whatever so you won’t accidentally replaced anything you shouldn’t. Save as PSD of course. In 300dpi.


And, there, you have a new file!! Just click on it.


You have your PSD back in action. A few settings may vary from the original, like layers name and I saw there’s a white gap about 1px x 1px on the right and bottom. Easy fix, but the most important is everything is in it’s place and you can resume your work in peace.

I should’ve just wrote “Open it in Illustrator and export it again to Photoshop”. But I just wasted my time making a print screen, I might as well have a right wasting your time reading this.

Anyway, happy hunting!

And a “Thank you” would be nice as well =D.