awesome [sex] search engine

Posted: 09 : 08 : 2009 in Lupa Tag!

aku punya entry yang ada gamba pompuan tu ada plak mangkuk mana tah search “pornstar with curly hair”, damn u human!! tapi lawak la jugak, ada org temasuk dalam kau nye blog sebab nak carik porn, kerkerker, they trying not to be visible, of course they can’t, it just so stupid to know that (i also) was a part of it!!! kakakakaka….bongek~


aku kat ipoh, perak, teman lina pegi kelas

  1. Fishballisme says:

    tak keje ke! hehehe aku beritahu sama leader ko!

  2. hani says:

    haha… x senonoh~~

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