another old-new start

Posted: 06 : 05 : 2007 in Lupa Tag!

i was apparently sick last 3 or 4 days back, i took a mc last friday n try to heal myself with wutever pills i’d got, but who cares, it just a pill thou

my beloved gf cum visited me on saturday, n shes brought me a gift, she wanted me 2 opened there n then, but i was refused, coz i’d never opend any gift in front of the 1 that gav me that, so i said, “make it surprise yeh,bucuk”, she said ok, damn me, i shouldve known wut she thought about that time, she seriously wana see me open it, disgrace tanglong~~, after i sent her at puduraya, i went back n open the present also the card, so sweet heeee , i called her, she was in the bus that time, but i cant talk, my ulcers was killing me, demn….so we’re just smsing,
she said that she wanted me to open it in front of her, n i felt terribly stupid…kekekek, there was a watch (ORIENT, japan), seems expensive n a sweet card 4 me…

n i said, tq budak bucuk….kekekekek mwah!!

  1. magma_jem says:

    wah..manja tau tanglong…..(buchuk)…so sweeettttt…..

  2. dieb says:

    ikekekeke… manja tau tanglong nie…

  3. Adieanna says:

    hehe orient tu siyol… weh belikan dia henpon yg itu ari tu!!

  4. adie says:

    dulu aku beli pedang samurai plastik… die ade tules oriental… hehehe… tapi made in china…

  5. t a n g l o n g says:

    jemah :: manja la beshhh
    dibb :: komen kau sama cam komen jemah
    ana :: henpon tu…hum….aku tgk balik balance c card aku yeapp
    adi :: aku pon ada pedang tu, tapi mmber aku curi, tu dia jual kat kedai, tu kau beli pulak

  6. rumadatme says:

    Aku hepi ko hepi

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