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being polite

Posted: 18 : 03 : 2007 in Lupa Tag!

i was bought sum bfast at the 7e near my ofis, there was an arabian couple buying sum things, then cashier try 2 be nice n as familiar as can be, since they were foreigners, she ask “is she ur girlfren or just fren??” with smiley n nice face with tail n wings n sum halo on her head, n the man said “its none of ur business” with fuckin tak puas hati nye face, n kept repeating like a bunch of times, as i always heard, arabian always do those shit 2 asian, since they thought they have higher level then us….i said, wutever level u have, just mind ur tongue, ur behavior, even in ur own country, wtf he think he is??? damn these arabian