how am i get here n whose behind this

Posted: 18 : 11 : 2006 in Lupa Tag!

i have to be everywhere, have to be more reachable, have to be more kind to everybody, have to have more strength to help my friends, have to be more humble, have to be tougher, have to keep quiet whatever comes around, have to be more stupid in a fren eyes, have to be more annoying, have to keep my head down, have to show that i can always be there when needed, have to keep smiling, have to etc

i need a bike so that i can be everywhere, its not that i ungkit or watever…but plz understand, i dont have whatever u hav, i cant have it now,  i thought bout this b4, sure u cant tahan with this, but cant u see im very susah now :), sokay ill manage it without u, tq

coz today was my half happy day, cool things happened in the morning n sum bullshits happened afternoon onward…saba jela nak wat camna 🙂 n im hungry sgt2, fried me a noodle so i can sholve it in ur sick b*****d egois arse, good,we’re just met, n i said this, its a good start eh 🙂


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