im in (??) love (??)

Posted: 16 : 11 : 2006 in Lupa Tag!

i slept in klang last nite in taher’s n akashah’s house (it was fahmi’s n the gangs house), but anyway my point today is, i met my ol time scandal back to the ol skool (uitm mache), n she was very hillarious, how can i describe?? she was perfek, beautiful, gorgeous, n most of the time (i spoke to her) she torn my heart down, luvly creature that allah has make in front of me n i fly like in so called my own heaven n whatever, but then, i should realize that it was it, it just it, nutting to be the same like before, bley je nak try lagi, but i wont (maybe i will hehehehe), god demnit i cant stop thinkin of her…hmmm….k enaf with that

i was in a train to s alam while waiting for my fren to pick me up there, n there was a family with 7 kids (1 of them still in the perut), apparently…how can say???…can u manage 7 kids of yours in a train?? n thats what happened, the kids r not running n screaming in the train, but in 7 of them, would they all kept manners?? no they wont, sum may (cos they’re already big enaf to think), but the rest, the kecik2, they cant n walk innocently in the train grab everyones arm n their mother was really tired to calm ’em down, n their father currently quiet n smilling, it makes me thought that i should hav a car n less child, i wish….

i’m waiting for another job, should got it by today n another 2 job that was promised to call, n perhaps…i can manage ’em good

  1. magma_jem says:

    ooooooooooooooo…d’lamun cinta ya….hehehehehe

  2. adie says:

    akekeke… akhirnye ko telepas dari blog duit.. akeke…

  3. adie says:

    ana tengah komen…hehehe…

  4. Adieanna says:

    tajok lain dalam laen.. aekekkeek adie sebok je.. ana komen kt enteri seblom ni aaa..

  5. adie says:

    eh… jgn gadoh kat sini… org lain bace… tanglong… balek dulu *sambel tarek tlinge ana…

  6. ee says:

    hep hepp… gaduh plak yek… heheh.
    waa… tanglong in ‘love’vable… kuikui

  7. g a i j i n says:

    titlenya patut tulis camni…. old flames : the return of _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

    who is she? i know her, perhaps….

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