efficient, reliable n reasonable

Posted: 22 : 08 : 2006 in Lupa Tag!

it was planned to be held next 2 days, but i fast forwad, so it will be held today, tonite, try to twist this things up quickly, i wish this is the last, but of cos not, 2 things to be done 1st is ehehehem, 2nd is cover for uitm’s book, tomorrow, meet a client in subang, discuss bout the illustrations for sumkind of  islamic book, friday…tesco (??), weekend awie order me to work that 2days…still my hand shakin’ for my website n animation, is this the life i dreamt about?? is that so….hmmm, wut am i babbling about…anyway, i went home yesterday, shocked with gross things in the bathroom, waste from upper level were drooling n make my bathroom turn to yellow colour, gross yellow, i wash the bathroom n i reheated some food, i ate, n i went to slept….i woke up n there was taher preparing his dishes, he told me he went up stairs, but no one in the house, so he left a note n called our tuan rumah, so the tuan rumah will manage that gross thing, that wut i was told, n i still slept late, after struggling for the cover, ate maggi, i went to bed with conan comics that drag me till 4.15am….n i do it everyday…i wish theres a woman beside me

  1. L'gost says:

    bukan ade ke?..su bukan dok sblh ko ke..ekekke

  2. dieb says:

    hahahaha… btol tu fiza, suwawa~~….

  3. magma_jem says:

    mmm dh smp seru la tu tanglong. …

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