mounted mouth full of shit

Posted: 21 : 08 : 2006 in Lupa Tag!

atleast i’m trying, i knoe my english are bad, so bad that u cant even imagine, remember my english teacher told me, “kamal 50-50, saya tak boleh target dia gagal, tak boleh target dia cemerlang english”, but atleast i’m in the list of target students for english subject, the fake story is i’ve got all of the payments last nite, the truth is, i broke n poor n miserable with all crap things every inch of empty space in my head, n last nite i struggled  finishing  current project for the news letter,  n what i thought about…i thought about a girl i used to knoe back in uitm, shes cute nice adorable n wutever good things u would like to say for whome u loved, n i particularly missed her so much, but i recked the entire relationship for a reason that me myself cant even accept it, think, how would she??…ok wutever, i should babbling about money n luxuriness, i should rebuild my site, my client demand/requesting for my website yesterday for publicity, n the site was undone coz of my own things, n i was being hit yesterday by that request to start all over again, n now, im working on it, kergh! – my english are still bad, whoss caresss

  1. Adieanna says:

    whues kaes…~

  2. ee says:

    es long es yo fren ken undesten… :p

  3. L'gost says:

    wakakkaka…besh la comfortable ni…

  4. devil mumu says:

    whus kaes ayat aku yg diamek dr filem aku no1..kan ana? heheheeh..x pelah..waalupon tunggang terbalik ayat tu..janji mssg yg nk kau smpaikan tu..sampai n org faham..

  5. Adieanna says:

    ye ye betol fami.. ayat muuu

  6. adie says:

    english ko ok la… cube bandeng ngan orang yg buat sleng2… syayer owreng puwteh… sepak je derang2 ni… hehehe…

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